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Tattoo Blessing

Tattoo Blessing

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You like one of my pieces of art enough that you'd like it to be inked on you forever? Well, first of all, that's extremely flattering, thank you! Second, please purchase a tattoo blessing! I work hard at my art, and in order to have one of my artworks tattooed on your body you require my permission (otherwise it's technically copyright infringement, and reputable tattoo artists are likely to refuse to use the artwork).

When you purchase a blessing I will send you a high resolution digital copy of the piece of art you're looking to get tattooed (approx. 3000x3000 pixels), along with a certificate specifying your name and the artwork, stating that you have permission. I will include contact details so that if the tattoo artist wishes to verify that the certificate is genuine, they will be able to do so.

Once you've purchased the blessing I will email the address you used to make the purchase within 24 hours to discuss which piece of art you've chosen, so that I can get the digital file and certificate ready.

Conditions (you automatically accept these conditions when you choose to purchase the tattoo blessing):

1. The blessing is for a single piece of art, if you wish to have multiple pieces tattooed, you must purchase multiple blessings.

2. The art is to be replicated without alteration, with the exception of converting from colour to black and white or greyscale. If you wish to make alterations, please contact me directly before purchasing the blessing so that we may discuss it.

3. The blessing is strictly for the person who made the purchase, it is not transferable.

4. I must be credited as the original artist whenever the tattoo is posted on social media. The tattoo artist should be credited as the tattoo artist. (only photos where the tattoo is the focus need to be credited)

5. You are paying for my permission to use my art as a tattoo, it is not refundable in the event that you decide not to get the tattoo.

6. (semi-optional) Please ensure you're paying a tattoo artist of sufficient skill to do the piece justice! Neither of us wants you walking around with a poor copy of my art on your body!

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